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mold2Connell Filter Elements are the heart of any filter application. Our filters have very unique construction benefits such as an exclusive Threaded Base Seal.

Our End Caps are made of an epoxy type resin. This resin acts as an adhesive and the filter is molded at the time of assembly into a shape which forms the end cap. This design allows us to venture beyond the classical flat open end filters.Ours’ supplies elements with internal o-rings, external o-rings, handles, and most importantly, threaded connections. The threads form an excellent mounting configuration and perfect seals.



mold3Connell Filter Elements are interchangeable to most major brands and fit our own vessels with the superior Threaded Base Seal.

Beta20 rated pleated paper filters from 1/2 to 25 micron.
Beta200 rated pleated fiberglass filters from 3 to 50 micron.
Diverse absorptive filters containing activated alumina, activated clay, carbon, molecular sieve or xiloc.
Filters to remove oil from water.
Filters to remove water from oil.
Double open end filters.